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Limestone is the most abundant ore known to man. Used by humankind since ancient times to build amazing objects like the Egyptian pyramids, metamorphosed crystalline limestone (marble) was transformed by the ancient Greeks into the marvelous buildings and sculptures we see today. The main ingredient in limestone, calcium carbonate, is crushed into powder and added to a wide array of products to enhance the strength, processability, and luster. The content of calcium carbonate is also being heavily researched as a food supplement and in the medical field. It is a truly versatile product found in every aspects of modern society and industry.

Calcium carbonate is a wonderful life supporting gift presented to us by mother earth.

Componential Analysis

Karabitsu Mine in Niimi City, Okayama Prefecture is one of the prime domestic sources of quality crystalline limestone. It is this superb raw material that forms the basis of our lineup of products boasting high purity and unmatched whiteness.

Particle Size Analysis

A change in the average particle size is all it takes to affect calcium carbonate’s characteristics. As such, advanced analytical techniques are adopted to prevent contamination by coarse particle in order to meet customer demands.

Standard Quality Physical Testing

Seasoned eyes to select products, coupled with strict inspection criteria. The physical characteristics of products are analyzed and managed in detail. There’s no room for compromise.


Hazardous Substances

We only provide high purity calcium carbonate products that have passed increasingly stricter regulations regarding various hazardous substances that threaten humans and the environment.

Environmental Measures

Bihoku Funka Kogyo recognizes the importance of environmental issues and actively promotes environmental conservation. We contribute to a safe, comfortable  and affluent lifestyle by providing materials for everything from medicine, food and everyday living right through to leading-edge industry. Environmental conservation is given the highest priority in everything we do.

Underground mining is the main method of limestone extraction adopted to avoid unnecessary environmental damage. Any unavoidable open-cut mining is filled in and trees are planted to regenerate the area’s natural environment. We also believe that cooperatively working in harmony with the surrounding region is another important element of environmental conservation. As such, ongoing efforts are being made to control the amount of Industrial pollution.

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